How to remake in Valorant

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The remake feature is a way to help teams with fewer players. It allows them to cancel the game before it starts.

Sometimes when people are playing games on the internet, things go wrong. For example, we can lose our connection, or the router can be down. It is not fun to play games if there are not enough players, but Valorant has a way to deal with it.

On September 1, Riot Games added a new feature to its competitive shooter Valorant that allowed players to start a “Remake” poll if the teams were unbalanced.

How to remake vote in Valorant

If a player disconnects at the start of a game, they can ask for a remake. All they have to do is type “/remake” in the chat.

remake command in valorant


You can see the below video when Viper abdomen in round 1, so players decide to remake

all you have to type in chat: /remake and press enter 

(System) An automated vote has been initiated to decide whether the match should end in a remake or continue. 

Use /yes in chat or press F5 for a remake and /no in chat or press F6 to continue.

Note: 4 Yes Votes Needed

remake valorant

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