Outriders: New Horizon Update 4 New Expeditions + Expedition Timers Removed

outriders new update
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Outriders get new four new expeditions and a brand-new transmog system in the latest major update.

Outriders: New Horizon Update Spotlight Video

Outriders New Horizon Update Release Date:

It will be released at 16:00 GMT on November 16, 2021, and it will be completely free for everyone, on all platforms.

The next expansion, known as Worldslayer, is set to release in Spring 2022. You may watch the teaser trailer here.

Overview of the New Horizon Update’s Changes:

  • Expedition Timers have been disabled.
  • Four new expeditions have been added.
  • The transmog system was added.
  • Tiago’s Shop has been remodeled.
  • Legendaries, Farming Information, and Changes to Legendary Drops
  • Changes to Legendary Sets
  • Changes to Mods + Bug Fixes
  • Changes to Class Trees + Bug Fixes
  • Changes to Skills + Bug Fixes
  • The Stadia version now supports cross-play with all other platforms as well.

General changes:

  • On all platforms, excluding PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the video that plays when launching Outriders may now be skipped.
  • Pick-and-Choose Legendary Items are Now Available in the Eye of the Storm.
  • The descriptions for Modules have been enhanced, especially when viewed on a big TV or Monitor. This modification means that certain information is now visible in the Details tab of the Quick View window rather than the Quick View window.
  • Background music has been decreased in various menus and loading screens.
  • A minimum damage limit has been added to the Brood Mother’s “Perforate” ability. This will prevent the ability from having a large gap in min/max damage output.
  • The Heir to the Desert configuration has been changed so that it now behaves like an Assault Rifle (as intended and described) rather than a Submachine Gun.


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