New Valorant Skin Bundle Spectrum: Designed By EDM Musician Zedd

Spectrum skin bundle valornat
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Riot Games has made a new skin line with world-famous DJ Zedd. It is called Spectrum, and it is the first one of its kind.

VALORANT has many designs for your skin. Some people like minimal designs, while others want more color! You can get the design you want with the new Spectrum skin line. When you select that design, you can choose any colors before picking a skin model.

For Spectrum, we worked backward. The weapons artist started with the audio. They did not begin with the model. The team also made changes to how they produce skins so they could make the best skin possible.

The Spectrum skin line is for fans of Zedd, and he and VALORANT designed it. The skins were first teased in the Year One Anthem video, and people waited patiently to see them. Zedd helped create the vision of almost every sound in the bundle.

Here’s a video of Zaslavski discussing Spectrum:


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