Is Hydroneer on Game Pass?

Is Hydroneer on Game Pass
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If you’re a fan of the mining sandbox game, Hydroneer, you might wonder if the game is available on Game Pass. Hydroneer, developed by Foulball Hangover, allows players to dig for resources and build massive mining machines and a base of operation in a tycoon-style progression system. 

But whether or not you can access the game through Game Pass is a common question among gamers. 

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the available information and attempt to answer the question: Is Hydroneer on Game Pass?

Hydroneer is not on Game Pass. Therefore, you will need to buy the game.

The game is available on Steam, but it needs to be clarified if it is on Game Pass. However, there is a subreddit for Hydroneer with 5.8K subscribers, and there is a post asking if the game will be on Game Pass, but no clear answer is provided.

Therefore, based on the available information, whether Hydroneer is on Game Pass needs to be clarified.

The game may be added to Game Pass in the future, but there is no definitive information to confirm this.


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