What is a Good Internet Speed for Gaming?

internet speed for gaming
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The speed of Internet connection varies in each part of the world. There are a lot of Internet service providers, who work efficiently to get the job done. With the variety of packages and the speed limits, the average internet speed is always changing.

But there are a lot of activities, that requires different Internet connection speeds. Be it the Gaming, video calling, streaming or just causal movie watching, everything requires different minimum speed for a smooth experience.

If you are the one willing to get the new internet connection at your home and want to know more about the internet connection speeds requirement, then you are at the right place.

In this post, we are going to share the detailed information on What is the Good internet speed for gaming. If your main aim is multiplayer gaming, then you’ll find this article pretty helpful.

We are listing the average internet speed required for gaming, which makes it easier to get the internet connection that is faster than the requirements.

Average Internet Speed Requirements For Multiplayer Gaming:

According to studies and research, online multiplayer gaming requires the internet speed of 2-5MBPS. This is the average broadband speed in most of the countries. But most importantly, the Latency or the ping is the decisive factor in multiplayer gaming.

multiplayer gaming internet speed

Latency is nothing but the time of connection between the client ( your computer ) and the game server. More the latency, less playable the game becomes. If you have good internet speed, but the latency is pretty high, then you’ll not get any benefits from it for gaming.

That’s why, the average internet speed requirements for online gaming is pretty less, as the decisive factor is latency. So, make sure to check the latency between the game server and the client before finalizing your internet connection.

In short, any internet service provider that offers the internet speed of 2-5 MBPS or more with the lowest latency possible is the right choice for your needs.

Average Internet Speed Requirements For Online Gaming and Streaming:

As we’ve said earlier, online gaming requires a low latency internet connection. But when you are going to stream the gameplay on online streaming service, then you need a powerful internet connection.

internet speed for gaming and streaming

Getting a high-speed internet connection with the speed of 10-15MBPS is highly recommended. Also, checking out the Latency or Ping is highly essential, otherwise, it will be a bad decision.

You will not get the same internet speed as mentioned in your internet plan and you should do an internet speed test in order to find out the real internet speed you are getting.

There are many websites, services, and apps available out there to test internet speed online free but we will recommend you to consider using Net Speed website for online internet speed test.

NetSpeed has got clean and easy to use interface that makes it easy for everyone to use it. You just have to click on the Play Button available on the top-right and this online internet speed tool will start running instantly. Just wait for a couple of minutes till the test finishes. Once done, you will be shown detailed information about your internet speed and connectivity.

net speed

Final Words

If you are wondering What internet Speed Do I need for gaming, then you have nothing to worry about. The internet speed required for online gaming is similar to the average broadband speed all over the world. The internet connection of 2-5MBPS will be sufficient for all of your online multiplayer gaming needs.

We’ve learned in this post that the Internet connection speed and the Latency is the decisive factor in the smooth online gaming experience. If you have higher latency to the gamer server, then you will not be able to enjoy smooth gameplay. Also, make sure that you get the good latency in any game you are playing, as the game server location differs according to each game and that majorly affects the internet speed.


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