Discover the Truth: Can You Play Starfield on Game Pass? Find Out Now!

Starfield Game Pass
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Is Starfield on Game Pass?

Yes, Starfield will be available on Game Pass on day one. You can download and play Starfield for free with an active Game Pass subscription.

Starfield will be available on Xbox Serires S/X  and PC on Game Pass.

After over two decades since the inception of a new fictional universe, Bethesda Game Studios has finally launched Starfield. The same team is responsible for the critically acclaimed games, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4, making the anticipation for Starfield much higher. In this science-fiction game, players will embark on an exciting journey through uncharted territories in space and explore an entirely new universe with unique planets, factions, and technologies.

If you are a fan of Bethesda games or role-playing games, you should check out Starfield. It will be a massive game with a lot to offer. And if you have an active Game Pass subscription, you can play it for free.

Starfield Official Gameplay Trailer

– 🌌 Humanity seeks knowledge in the unknown.
– 🚀 We are committed to exploring the most essential question: What’s out there?
– 🌟 Joining Constellation makes us part of a dedicated group unraveling mysteries.
– 🕹️ Captain, prepare for a significant jump.
– 🔍 Artifacts hold the potential to reveal what we’ve been searching for.
– ⚠️ Human settlements across the galaxy are in danger.
– 🌍 The end of this journey will profoundly impact humanity.
– 🎮 Starfield is where we belong.


Discover a new universe in Starfield, the groundbreaking creation by Bethesda Game Studios, marking their first foray into uncharted realms in over 25 years. Renowned as the mastermind behind The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4, Bethesda Game Studios presents an extraordinary next-generation role-playing game that propels you amidst the stars. Embark on a monumental quest to unravel the greatest enigma of humanity, where absolute freedom and limitless exploration await.

Set in the year 2330, humanity has extended its reach beyond the confines of our solar system, colonizing new planets and embracing life as a civilization of cosmic wanderers. Join the ranks of Constellation, the final bastion of intrepid space explorers who traverse the galaxy in pursuit of rare artifacts. Traverse the expansive cosmic expanse like never before in Bethesda Game Studios’ most colossal and ambitious game to date.

Shape Your Narrative In Starfield, the story that matters most is the one you craft with your character. Commence your odyssey by personalizing your appearance and selecting your Background and Traits. Will you emerge as a seasoned explorer, a persuasive diplomat, a clandestine cyber operative, or something entirely distinct? The power lies in your hands. Determine your identity and forge your destiny.

Embark on an interstellar journey, traversing a vast expanse of over 1000 planets. Roam thriving metropolises, delve into perilous fortresses, and traverse untamed terrains. Encounter and enlist a remarkable ensemble of characters, engage with diverse factions, and undertake quests spanning the Settled Systems. Each step unveils a fresh narrative or adventure, eagerly awaiting your discovery.

Assume the role of captain and steer the ship of your aspirations. Customize the appearance of your spacecraft, fine-tune vital systems such as weapons and shields, and appoint crew members to bestow exclusive advantages. Amidst the boundless cosmos, engage in exhilarating space battles, stumble upon unforeseen missions, dock at stellar stations, and even seize control of enemy vessels to expand your fleet.

Uncover, Gather, and Construct Embark on planetary expeditions to uncover the rich biodiversity, plant life, and valuable resources essential for crafting various necessities, including medicine, sustenance, gear, and weaponry. Erect outposts, employ a skilled crew to extract resources autonomously and establish interconnected cargo networks for seamless resource transportation. Channel these raw materials into pioneering research endeavors to unlock extraordinary crafting blueprints and recipes.

Starfield Release Date Gamepass

Starfield Available 6 September 2023

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