Sony PlayStation 5 vs Microsoft Xbox Series X: Which Gaming Console is Better?

ps5 vs xbox series x
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The flagship consoles from Microsoft and Sony were released in 2020, while most of the gamers out there were able to choose their preferred one, many still have a dilemma between Sony PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. Both the consoles are top end and can handle any high end games easily with maxed out graphics. But there are some benefits in both the consoles, in some cases the PlayStation 5 is better, in others the series X is better, so in this article we will discuss about the pros and cons of both and will try to pick the one that suits you.

Some of the common and most expected features of both the consoles include 4K gaming at 120fps, SSD support for super-fast loading time, Ray tracing, anti-aliasing, vertical sync, and a lot more. Both the consoles have all these features. While the Sony PlayStation 5 looks stylish, the Xbox series X is an ordinary cuboid with a loads of stuff filled in it, most of the people doesn’t care about the build, but if you are one of those who cares, then the Sony PlayStation 5 is the pick for you!

A Detailed Comparison between Sony PlayStation 5 vs Microsoft Xbox Series X

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

Both the consoles use AMD CPU as it is the fast growing and the better performing CPU in the recent times, and is also cheaper than Intel. The PlayStation comes with an 8 Core, 3.5 GHz AMD Zen 2 CPU. The Xbox Series X rocks an 8 Core, 3.8 GHz AMD Zen 2 CPU. If you look at the number, the Xbox Series X has faster processing power, however for a hardcode gamer there won’t be a difference regarding the performance with both the consoles. But, if we have to pick a winner, the Xbox can give better performance with the extra processing Power.

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

When it comes to Gaming, the GPU is the most important hardware component to any gamer, the Sony PlayStation 5 has a 10.3 teraflop AMD RDNA 2 (36 CUs at 2.23GHz) GPU and the Xbox Series X has a 12 teraflop AMD RDNA 2(52 CUs @ 1.825 GHz) GPU, again if you want to play by the numbers, the Xbox Series X has better hardware. But, still there won’t be any difference between the consoles with the performance unless a high GPU demanding game comes out for both the consoles which demands the extra clock speeds.


When it comes to the RAM both the consoles have a 16 GB GDDRR6 RAM. However, the Memory Bandwidth varies, the Sony PlayStation 5 has a 448 GB/s speed and the Xbox Series X has 10GB at 560 GB/s, 6GB at 336 GB/s Speeds.


Storage is another important component for the hardcore games, the Sony PlayStation 5 has an 825GB SSD and the Xbox series x has a 1TB NVMe SSD, both the consoles has slots to expand the storage with NVMe slots but the series X can be expanded only up to 1TB and the PlayStation has a NVMe slot with support up to 4TB.

Optical Drive

When it comes to console gaming, we still have to consider the optical drives, both the consoles have a 4K UHD Blu-Ray Drive to play your favourite games! Both the consoles have up to 8K resolution for the supported games, however there are very less games with 8K support, where you will need your television or your monitor to support 8K too, and the fps is limited to 60 in the 8K resolution.


The Sony PlayStation 5 has 1 Type-A USB Port and 1 Type-C USB Port on the front side and 2 Type-A USB Ports and the Ethernet Port on the backside. The Xbox series x has 1 Type-A USB Port on the front side and 2 Type-A USB Ports, 1TB External SSD Slot and the Ethernet Port on the backside. The NVMe slot in the Xbox Series X is a very hand feature to easily transfer and install all your games.

Backward Compatibility

This is a must-have feature for all the consoles out there, with Sony PlayStation 5 you have backward compatibility to the PS4 Games and PSVR. With Xbox Series X you have backward compatibility to Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Other Features

Sony PlayStation 5:

Remote Play
Rechargeable Batteries
Adaptive Triggers
Haptic Feedback
DirectX Raytracing
PlayStation Plus & PlayStation Now Subscriptions
Xbox Series X:

New Trigger and Bumper Grip
Hybrid D-Pad
Dynamic Latency Input
Microsoft Cloud Gaming
Ability to jump into multiple games at once.
DirectX Raytracing
Xbox Lice & Xbox Game Pass Subscriptions


Sony PlayStation 5 comes in 2 variants globally, the Sony PlayStation 5 price at $500 and the Sony plantation 5 digital version at $400, and the Xbox Series is priced at $500 too and there is a cheaper Xbox Series S available too. There are special add-ons and accessories for both the consoles which can put the price tag well above $1000.


Both the consoles have their own unique features, both are better in their own way. And for casual gamers there won’t be any difference between the consoles, they chose one over the other for the looks or the exclusive games, apart from that both are good, the performance is same, the quality and all the other stuff are equal. But after seeing most of the reviews from famous blogs, YouTube channels, PlayStation seems to perform better than Xbox series x, even though Microsoft claims Xbox series x is the most powerful console (the specifications also confirm it). So, which one to choose comes down to you at last, if you like the DualSense feature and the exclusive games in PlayStation 5 like the Last of US 2, God of War, Grand Turismo, Spiderman & Uncharted, then Sony PlayStation 5 is for you, or you are more of the iconic classics like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Halo, then you will love the Xbox Series X.

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