Lemnis Gate Gameplay Trailer, Release Date, News & Reviews

Lemnis Gate Gameplay Trailer, Release Date, News & Reviews
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Upcoming strategy-FPS hybrid Lemnis Gate just announced

Lemnis Gate will be launching on Xbox Game Pass day-one On Console and PC this summer.

So How Lemnis Gate works?

The first-person shooter mechanic takes place inside a 25 second time loop.

So the way it works is that you have 25 seconds to play in the first person.

Once your turn is ended, every action you took will repeat itself repeatedly in an infinite repeating time loop.

So you have two opponents and take turns adding new characters into this time loop.

So turn by turn, they’ll add a character,

Now the twist is that each time they add a character, the time loop goes back to time-zero, and we play on top of the same 25 seconds.

Lemnis Gate Explained

Lemnis Gate has an infinite time loop, so when you’re playing in the first person, and your turn is over, every action you took will repeat itself infinitely. This means that during gameplay, there are never any other players to fight against or interact with – everything happens around you, but it’s just repeating on top of itself.

What does this mean? It creates a surreal environment where enemies spawn randomly as if they were also caught up in the cycle and have been waiting for their opportunity to attack since forever ago, even though nobody else appears anywhere else than right next to you (including yourself).

Lemnis Gate Gameplay Trailer

Lemnis Gate Site Surveillance Trailer

Lemnis Gate Release Date

Lemnis Gate will be released with Xbox Game Pass this summer 2021. It will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, and PS4 and PS5.


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